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Caci Non Surgical Face Lifting

Is the most advanced face and body treatment system available for slimming, contouring, cellulite, lymphatic drainage, face lifting and wrinkles. This sophisticated non-surgical treatment can carry out both face and body programmes simultaneously.
Caci Facial
Lifts, firms and minimises wrinkles
Using micro current facial techniques in conjunction with a combination of faradic and galvanic, the CACI quantum works to restore and redefine facial muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles.
Duration: 1hr.
Single session: £42.00
Course of ten: £360.00
Caci Extra
A full session of caci facial treatment with added either a jowl lift or Hydrating mask.
Duration: 1hr. 15 mins
Fee: £56.00
Caci Jowl Lift
Improves the appearance of the sagging jowls. Lift and firm facial contours.
For best result a course of 10 treatment is recommended over a 5 weeks period, then a monthly top up.
Duration: 15 mins
Single session: £25.00
Course of ten: £225.00
Super Caci
A full session of caci facial with added both jowl lift and hydrating mask.
Duration: 1hr. 30 mins
Single session: £65.00
Caci Eyes
Reduces fine lines around eye area
Concentrating on the eye contour reducing fine lines and signs of fatigue.
Duration: 30 mins
Single session: £28.00
Course of ten: £250.00
Lymphatic Drainage
Assists slimming and removal of cellulite
Ideal for the effective removal of excess toxins and body fluid to assist in slimming and give a vital boost to the removal of cellulite, ideal for swollen legs and ankles.
Duration: 20 mins
Single session: £30.00
Course of five: £130.00